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a scholar that created a „guidebook” so as to keep info on women has enraged websites with a brand new article heading viral on social media.

Released to
‘s infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum, a man within the username u/kaiokamikaze
shared his story
receive feedback from AITA community to ascertain if he had been into the incorrect. The popular blog post provides over 7,000 upvotes and 4,000 remarks.

„very freshman season of school, I started dealing with this task casually,” the Redditor started, „i enjoy hold notes on ladies I talk to regarding their favored situations, activities they enjoy, gifts/candy they prefer, sappy s**t such as that. I suck at remembering things such as that so I decided to hold a spreadsheet.”

He nonchalantly introduced his „Pokédex”—named for all the guide in the video game and anime collection


that spiders the imaginary creatures—up to their pals and they encountered the indisputable fact that the guy should share it with them. Something cause another, and 40 guys in Reddit user’s fraternity will have entry to it. They might include brand new entries that they „caught” to help others wow the woman these were happening a romantic date with.

The net slammed a college student for creating a „guide book” to keep home elevators ladies.

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The ladies happened to be typically from other sororities around his university campus. He reiterated into the readers that he didn’t have this Pokédex for „nefarious or scumbaggy” reasons. In an edit to the article, he verified that he wasn’t a stalker as well as the listing was not meant to have info that could damage any person nor was it meant for „merely” gender.

The consumer mentioned, „For some reason, a woman who had been from the record discovered and she was actually p**sed [the f**k] down. She had been sooner or later able to trace it back again to me thus I assume someone that was actually simping on her snitched when the Pokédex wasn’t putting some girl like him. So she actually is pissed off and she caused it to be out over end up being a guide to hook up with women, if it is most surely not too.

„it’s simply which will make impressing all of them on times easier. That’s it. She’s made an issue of this informing many ladies around university and then they can be all stating that of the start of the autumn semester, none of them are going to be seeing all of our fraternity or planning to our parties,” the guy carried on.

The guy mentioned that their fraternity had been disappointed with him despite them with the listing.

attained out to u/kaiokamikaze for opinion.

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Numerous visitors had been rapid to slam the initial poster (OP) for his activities.

„[You’re the a**hole]-but chiefly for thinking everybody is also dumb the begin to see the genuine objective behind record. There isn’t a person on right here which believes this number is not for sexual or nefarious reasons,” u/jake7992 exclaimed, receiving the best review along with 10,000 upvotes.

„That is f**king terrifying, for just what I’m hoping are unmistakeable reasons. You will find lots of other stuff incorrect using this (you’ve generally set out a g**damn eating plan of females for men to select and choose from, describing it a ‘pokedex’), but hopefully this might offer you someplace to begin. [You’re the a**hole]. Erase this database straight away. Your ‘convenience’ will not trump ladies’ safety,” u/CeridwenAeradwr demonstrated.

U/Kindly_Reward_8537 known as out the OP, „[You’re the a**hole] That’s just scary. As well as the proven fact that you provided it along with other men and women and permitted them to change it is disgusting. Also..’entries’?? These are typicallyn’t ‘entries’ they are genuine individuals you’re speaking about right here.”

„Yep…[You’re the a**hole]. Whether it had been for yourself then you may potentially get a pass with regards to the information. However the reality you contributed it about and permitted others to edit and employ it. That alone helps make [you the a**hole],” u/No-Bridge-6546 admitted.

„[You’re the a**hole]. Women aren’t Pokemon notes or objects you should study. Should you want to impress a woman think about using this lady around? Learning her? If you should be undoubtedly interested you will recall the woman likes and dislikes, you will not need a spreadsheet,” u/oneblessedmess stated.

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